Culture: Culture On The Front Line – The Virgin Front Line Albums: Expanded Version

Culture On The Front Line – The Virgin Front Line Albums: Expanded Version


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  • Release Date 11 May 2015
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Double CD Album

Shortly after being formed by Joseph Hill Kenneth Paley and Albert Walker in the mid-seventies, Culture joined the roster of Kingston-based producer, Joe Gibbs for whom they recorded a stream of Roots classics, including the 1977 breakthrough hit, ‘Two Sevens Clash’.

The following year, the group signed with Sonia Pottinger, who between 1978 and 1979 provided Richard Branson’s recently launched Virgin Front Line imprint with four of sublime long players: ‘Harder Than The Rest’, ‘Cumbolo’, ‘International Herb’ and ‘Black Rose’.

Widely acclaimed upon their release, the first three of these albums soon became regarded as Roots classics, but the sudden and unexpected demise of Virgin’s African export market led to the abrupt end to its Jamaican music ventures, resulting in ‘Black Rose’ being indefinitely shelved.

Now, after over 35 years, this long-lost masterpiece finally sees its long-overdue release on this essential 2CD collection, which also features the legendary trio’s three other Front Line LPs, so highlighting Culture’s complete recorded works for Virgin’s esteemed label.


Disc 1
Harder Than The Rest

1. Behold
2. Holy Mount Zion
3. Stop The Fussing And Fighting
4. Iron Sharpening Iron
5. Vacancy
6. Tell Me Where You Get It
7. Free Again
8. Work On Natty
9. Love Shine Bright
10. Play Skilfully
1. They Never Love In This Time
2. Innocent Blood
3. Cumbolo
4. Poor Jah People
5. Natty Never Get Weary
6. Natty Dread Naw Run
7. Down In Jamaica
8. This Train

Disc 2
1. Pay Day
2. Mind Who You Beg For Help
International Herb
3. The International Herb
4. Jah Rastafari
5. If A Guh Dread
6. Rally Around Jahoviah's Throne
7. The Land We Belong
8. Ethiopians Waan Guh Home
9. Chiney Man
10. I Tried
11. The Shepherd
12. Too Long In Slavery
Black Rose
13. Black Rose
14. Burning
15. Jah Alone A Christian
16. (Wipe Your) Weeping Eyes
17. No Sin
18. Children Of Israel
19. Still Rest On My Heart
20. Can’t Study The Rastaman