Edgelarks: Feather



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  • Release Date 17 May 2019
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Dragonfly Roots

"In April 2018, Edgelarks (Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin) retreated to a remote cottage in Ulpha, western Cumbria. They breathed in the mountain view, banked up the fire, and took their many instruments out of their cases. Then they sat down, and wrote. Tired of the navelgazing tendencies of sad songwriting, and the terrible events frequently depicted in the folk ballad tradition, they decided to turn their attention to an oft overlooked but vital facet of our lives: hope. Swiftly, a set of songs and tunes emerged. Stories of wonder from the natural world; tales of rejoicing and long lost returns; and simple thanksgiving for their own surroundings and place in the landscape. Informed by world rhythms, British folk roots, and the duo’s penchant for making as much noise as possible with only two people, the album is an upbeat celebration, an incitement to hope. “This duo has a combination of virtuosity, intensity and charisma that merits a slot on much bigger stages”- John L. Walters, The Guardian"

1 Feather  
2 Where I Stand  
3 Back From Hope  
4 Wanting Nothing  
5 What We Save From The Tide  
6 Oyster  
7 Time Away  
8 Growing  
9 Wander  
10 Spencer The Rover  
11 The Longest Day