Modern Studies: Welcome Strangers - Vinyl LP

Welcome Strangers - Vinyl LP

Modern Studies

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Vinyl LP
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‘Welcome Strangers’ is the second record by feral pop outliers Modern Studies. Elegiac and haunted, life-giving and triumphant, this beguiling return digs deep into landscapes both real and imagined, internal and external, in a work that might perhaps best be described as “kosmiche choral” or, if we’re pushing it “arts-und-crafts-werk”. Or, put simply, glorious pop music. It is an elemental and often spectral world of contrasting tones and hues that is found within ‘Welcome Strangers’, one whose lyrical vocabulary is of loss, light, air, sun, growth; of spires, seeds and phosphene dreams.

Track Listing :
  1. Get Back Down
  2. Disco
  3. Mud and Flame
  4. Let Idle Hands
  5. It's Winter
  6. Young Sun
  7. Horns and Trumpets
  8. Fast As Flows
  9. The House
  10. Phosphene Dream
1 Get Back Down  
2 Disco  
3 Mud and Flame  
4 Let Idle Hands  
5 It's Winter  
6 Young Sun  
7 Horns and Trumpets  
8 Fast As Flows  
9 The House  
10 Phosphene Dream  

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