Zomby: With Love

With Love


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  • Release Date 17 June 2013
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Triple Vinyl LP

Since issuing a clutch of 12”s in the late 2000s, and the 2008 release of his debut album ‘Where Were U In 92?’ - a rave-homage made using equipment from the period - Zomby has consistently proven himself to be a unique presence in an increasingly cluttered field.

‘With Love’ is Zomby’s third album. An astonishing 33 tracks that collectively trace an arc through dance music’s history, revealing an artist in his most creative phase yet. Touching upon rave, jungle, house, techno, and grime, Zomby once again marks himself as a genre savant free of the cosy nostalgia that weighs down many of his peers.

Across two volumes that move invariably between a dancefloor focus and darkened emotional introspection, Zomby points to a different future. A sonic palimpsest written of true experience.

‘With Love’ is the work of a producer who has absorbed the shifting textures and plains of electronic music first hand, and reconfigured them into a definitive, sprawling love letter to the soulful dance music of his past.