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Wish To Scream


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Determined to be a band capable of making a great album every year, Tribes knuckled down to writing their second album in the back of the bus on the road in the US, putting together snippets of tunes they’d later flesh out in the LA studio. That opportunity came about when they met producer Kevin Augunas from Fairfax Studios in Van Nuys, California at an LA show in November 2011. “He came up to us and he seemed like he was on completely the same wavelength,” says Johnny. “We also had the opportunity to work with (engineer) Chris Norrell who made ‘Automatic For The People’ and Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’, our favourite records.”

The vibe they created together for ‘Wish To Scream’ was evocative of the 70s and the more classic rock sounds of Neil Young, The Band and southern fried gospel that was truer to their influences. “The first record was influenced so much by the music we grew up with in contemporary terms, the nineties thing was what we were listening to at school,” says Dan, referencing hearing The Staple Singers track ‘Too Close To Heaven’ on a Robert Plant-curated compilation CD as a turning point towards their new direction.

“I hope people can recognise us as a British band that’s not going anywhere that can deliver albums quickly, that’s what I want,” says Johnny, and Dan agrees. “This feels like our first record as the band we wanted to be. There’s a lot of clarity on it, real songwriting, With our ability to write songs now we feel pretty strong. We’ve started writing the third record already, we’ve got sketches here and there and it’s all sounding good.”


1. Dancehall
2. Get Some Healing
3. How the Other Half Live
4. Wrapped Up in a Carpet
5. Graceland
6. It Never Ends
7. Shangri-La
8. Sons and Daughters
9. One Eye Shut
10. Englishman on Sunset Boulevard
11. Street Dancin'

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Wish To Scream
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