Jamaica: Ventura



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  • Release Date 31 March 2014
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‘Ventura’ is the second album, produced by Jamaica and Laurent d’Herbécourt (Phoenix), written and recorded between Los Angeles and Paris.

Ventura’ is fed by fantasies of American culture, gathered from records and films, and also the reality they discovered while touring in the US - they spent a month working with Peter Franco (Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’) in LA.

Antoine and Florent’s belief in a more organic and analogue sound was strengthened by Laurent d’Herbécourt, who helped mix the record: “He definitely pushed us further towards a ‘radio’ oriented direction, in the most noble and Fleetwood Mac sense of the word. A sunny pop that hides more sensibility when one really pays attention.”

Songs like ‘Two On Two’, ‘Golden Times’, ‘All Inclusive’ or ‘Ferris Wheeler’ are fuelled by this feel good music to listen to while driving along the Pacific Ocean. Other tracks reveal new leads for Jamaica, from the post-surf of ‘Turbo’ and ‘Same Smile’ to ‘Rushmore’s power ballad.

‘Ventura’ deserves to be played on a car stereo; the album radiates as much nonchalance as it does sophistication. It toys with the idea of a fantasized West Coast, from San Diego to Seattle, discovered over and over through its past and present times.

1. Two On Two
2. Hello Again
3. Houdini
4. Golden Times
5. All Inclusive
6. Ferris Wheeler
7. High Then Low
8. Ricky
9. Rushmore
10. Turbo
11. Same Smile
12. Goodbye Friday