The Still: The Still

The Still

The Still

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  • Release Date 22 April 2016
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Vinyl LP + CD

The Still are a cast of international musicians who congregate in Berlin and create hypnotic, perfectly-tensioned instrumental music that has earned them a cool cult following on the underground gig scene there.

Experimental drummer / percussionist Steve Heather and fellow Australian Chris Abrahams (The Necks) on piano, Canadian Derek Shirley on double bass, the wonderfully-named German guitarist Rico Repotente and Thomas Meadowcraft on organ / revox are the core members, with an occasional expanded version with horns. The mood is set for minimalist, unhurried grooves and soundscapes.

‘The Still’ is the eighth instalment from Seriés Aphonos, a music ‘library’ which focuses on cinematic splendour, soundtracks and other beautifully strange treasures from hidden corners.

1. The Stung
2. The Descent
3. Crystal Clear Fog
4. The Early Bird
5. The Surely
6. The Ecstatic