Interrobang?!: Love It All: Signed

Love It All: Signed


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7" Single
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Interrobang?! formed in 2012 with a vision to create something that speaks to the generation who grew up in the shadow of punk, with hopes and dreams, full of rebellion. They create an agit-punk-funkstorm, skewed quirky, punchy, staccato pop that’s buzzing like a fridge.

‘Love It All’ was inspired by the critically acclaimed Toby Amies film ‘The Man Whose Mind Exploded’. Dunstan Bruce (Interrobang?!/Dandy Films) and acclaimed documentary maker Daisy Asquith (Dandy Films) helped Amies make the film and were credited as Executive Producers.

‘The Man Whose Mind Exploded’ is a feature film about the extraordinary life of Brighton resident Drako Oho Zarhazar. Following a severe head injury Drako suffers from terrible memory loss, he could access memories from before his accident but couldn’t imprint new ones, he could remember modeling for Salvador Dali and hanging out with The Rolling Stones but he couldn’t remember yesterday. Filmed over four years, the movingly intimate film attempts to understand and accept the worldview of someone with serious brain damage, The film became the starting point for the song ‘Love It All’.

“Drako used a series of bon mots and philosophical slogans to explain himself or his worldview. He had the maxim “Trust Absolute Unconditional” tattooed on his arm, which became his mantra for his very existence. When asked an awkward question by Toby in the film, Drako simply responded with the phrase “Love It All”, which was a simple but effective way of blocking any further intrusions into his personal life and opinions. Drako no longer had to explain himself because those three words, to his mind, explained everything adequately. I really connected with these words, their simplicity, positivity and well, beautiful naivety.” (Dunstan Bruce)

In ‘Love It All’ the first verse celebrates this man’s amazing and wonderful life [and subsequent sad demise] whilst the second verse goes on to explore Dunstan Bruce’s outlook on the world and how the experience changed him. The song becomes a celebration of life, love, acceptance and hope; all those quite ordinary ideas inspired by the most extraordinary person and the most wonderful film.

A. Love It All
B. Billingham

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