Childhood: Lacuna



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  • Release Date 11 August 2014
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Vinyl LP + 7"
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Childhood’s hotly anticipated debut album is here!

The band formed at Nottingham University, originally as a two-piece making bedroom demos. The founders Ben Romans-Hopcraft (vocals/guitar) and Leo Dobsen (guitar) initially came together over a shared love for psychedelic and guitar music, later bringing in Daniel Salamons on bass and Jonny Williams on drums. The album was recorded with acclaimed producer Dan Carey in South London, with guitarist Leo Dobsen’s impossibly catchy licks and singer Ben Romans Hopcraft’s lush vocals sounding more anthemic than ever. This debut includes blissed-out singles Falls Away and As I Am, sitting alongside psychedelic gem Solemn Skies.

"The band employs a full, bright guitar sound and propulsive rhythms to deliver their spin on luminous guitar pop and shoegaze-leaning rock." - Pitchfork

"Now here is the Brit indie group who sound like they might actually deliver what the world is waiting for" - The Guardian


1. Blue Velvet
2. You Could Be Different
3. As I Am
4. Right Beneath Me
5. Falls Away
6. Sweeter Preacher
7. Tides
8. Solemn Skies
9. Chiliad
10. Pay For Cool
11. When You Rise

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