Kitty Daisy & Lewis: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis The Third: 7x10

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis The Third: 7x10" 78rpm Vinyl Box Set

Kitty Daisy & Lewis

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7 x 10" vinyl - play at 78rpm.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis The Third was recorded and finished in the summer of 2014 and sets them apart, embracing a spread of influences from blues to disco, but always sounding unmistakably Kitty Daisy & Lewis.

The stories in this album resonate with moods and melodies that touch you in ways that are both uplifting and unnerving. With three different writers and multi-instrumentalists in the band, each track is a sparkling gem that reflects a different facet of experience.


1. Whenever You See Me
2. Baby Bye Bye
3. Feeling Of Wonder (Feat. Mick Jones)
4. No Action
5. Good Looking Woman
6. Turkish Delight
7. It Ain’t Your Business
8. Ain’t Always Better Your Way
9. Never Get Back
10. Bitchin' In The Kitchen
11. Whiskey
12. Developer’s Disease
13. I Should Have Known
14. Baby Bye Bye

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