Gone Is Gone: Echolocation: White Vinyl

Echolocation: White Vinyl

Gone Is Gone

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  • Release Date 06 January 2017
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Gone Is Gone may be a new name in the rock world, but its members are anything but unfamiliar. This rock supergroup includes members of Mastodon, Queens Of The Stone Age and At The Drive-In. With combined sales of over 4,500,000 albums and 3 unique diehard fan-bases, it's easy to see why this release is so highly anticipated by fans and critics alike. "Echolocation" hits only months after the band's explosive self-titled debut EP. This album includes eleven songs that combine elements of each members' previous projects, while still being original and uncommon. Gone Is Gone is not just another flash in the pan side project or session studio release amongst friends, it's a calculated effort that is sure to leave listeners wanting more.

1. Sentient
2. Gift
3. Resurge
4. Dublin
5. Ornament
6. Pawns
7. Colourfade
8. Roads
9. Slow Awakening
10. Fast Awakening
11. Resolve
12. Echolocation

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Gone Is Gone: Echolocation
Gone Is Gone
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