The Blue Angel Lounge: In Times: 2006 - 2010

In Times: 2006 - 2010

The Blue Angel Lounge

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  • Release Date 25 March 2016
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Double Vinyl LP
8MM/A Recordings

The last we heard of The Blue Angel Lounge, the group abruptly split up in July 2014. Since then, its been mostly quiet on the western front, as far as the reclusive band from Hagen were concerned. And then suddenly, out of nowhere a cryptic ‘Youtube’ message: “The Blue Angle Lounge. Double LP. In Times. March 2016.” And as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared again. But this much can now be confirmed, in March by containing both carefully selected demos of their three previous studio albums "The Blue Angel Lounge" (2008), "Narcotica" (2010) and "A Sea Of Trees" (2014) as well as previously unreleased recordings, In Times reflects the coherent work & progress of the band between 2006 und 2012 and offers an unfettered image of the band at its œuvre-peak. Thus belies the purpose of the album within the very nature of its title: The name derives from the eponymous piece "In Times", which appeared exclusively on the 8MM Musik compilation that was released in 2013 on occasion of the label's ten year anniversary and was originally composed during the "Narcotica" sessions in 2010.

In Times is out on March 26, 2016 via A Recordings in collaboration with 8MM Musik whose name is inextricably linked with The Blue Angel Lounge: The Berlin-hailing label has been in charge since 2009 and with In Times, presents the fourth LP of this exceptional band. Whether In Times marks the rebirth of one of Germany best bands of the last decade remains unclear.


1. Supernova Ending
2. Cryin’ Shames
3. Jesus Walks
4. Son Of The Ocean
5. Caroline
6. All These Days
7. The Man From Nowhere
8. Nothing At All
9. What You Got!
10. Leg dich zur Ruh
11. Stella Star
12. Yeah Track
13. Street & Exile
14. Smoke The Roses
15. In Times
16. Narcotica
17. Bewitch My Senses
18. Secure Existence
19. Walls
20. Caught Crow