Ron Gallo: Heavy Meta

Heavy Meta

Ron Gallo

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  • Release Date 03 February 2017
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New West Records

A few words from Ron Gallo: “‘Heavy Meta’ is 11 tracks of lyrical confrontation and laughter for cynics laid down roughly on a bed of fuzz, chaotic structures and primal sounds evoked from a red Fender jaguar electric guitar - there is bass, there are drums and not much else besides the occasional icing (no artificial colors or dyes). It’s not comfortable and easily pinpointed and I’m sure that will create an issue for the desire for neat little boxes we have grown to love. I still don’t know what I’m doing and I plan on keeping it that way.

“Besides a couple of years of emotional and mental turmoil, loss, confusion, breakdown and internal growth what did all of that ever get me? Well, it gave me this record called ‘Heavy Meta’ and it is the first few findings from my guerilla treasure hunt for bullshit, both outside and within. Ethos meets pathos. The only thing I do know is that I want to use music to reflect the times and as a primary outlet for me to become a total psychopath on stage, challenge myself and talk about potentially heavy real world things, call you out, then maybe we can even hug after the show.

“I am forever grateful for this life and anyone that ever comes to a show, buys a record and wants to have a real conversation. I have no idea where things are going, but I know it’s best to grow with them and be okay with whatever happens. As for right now, it seems like a great time to wake up, put all of ourselves into it, acknowledge our own personal limitless value and beauty and if I can be any part in that, well then, awesome.”


  1. Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me
  2. Put The Kids To Bed
  3. Kill The Medicine Man
  4. Poor Traits Of The Artist
  5. Why Do You Have Kids?
  6. Please Yourself
  7. Black Market Eyes
  8. Can’t Stand You
  9. Started A War
  10. Don’t Mind The Lion
  11. All The Punks Are Domesticated

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